Website Security Service

Lightning Host Security Monitoring, Firewall And website Security Cleanup

More than ever we need to take additional steps to insure our personal & business websites are protected from online threats. Given the cost and time in creating your online presence, a website hack can do untold damage to your reputation, lost of data and customer loyalty.

There are basic steps you can do to make your website a more secure environment, keep your password secure, keep your website software up to date, limit the amount of extensions you use on a website, limit user access etc to name a few.

However as hackers get more technical we need to make sure we keep up and Lightning Hosts Security package has been set up to meet this objective:

  • Prevent Malware Distribution
  • Monitor Blacklisting Incidents
  • Actively Detect & Prevent Intrusions
  • Block Attacks
  • Stop DDoS Attacks
  • Identify SEO Spam
  • Block Phishing Lure Pages
  • Identify WHOIS Changes
  • Identify DNS Changes
  • Monitor Changes to SSL Certificates
  • Real Time and Zero Day Patching
  • Increased Website Performance

If your website does become infected with Malware, defacements, backdoors, Pharma Hacks, SEO spam injections, Phishing Files or Malicious redirects then for a fixed rate of $200 your website will be cleaned. Note: this offer is only open to clients on the security package, please be aware this service is included with some web hosting plans or can be purchased as an add on service for $19.99 + GST

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