Reduce Business Risk; host emails & website separately

Quite a statement - and probably not something businesses think about. In general, people place a low financial value on their email service, until the email service goes down and they realise just how important their emails reallyare.

This is even more so for businesses that would effectively stop trading while their email service was down.

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Google Says You Need to go Mobile!

If you have been checking your websites analytics you have probably noticed that roughly 50% of your website traffic has come from people browsing your website on mobile devices.

In line with this trend Google has anounched that from the the 21st of April Google will be adding Mobile friendliness to their search algorithum. This means if your website is not mobile friendly (optimised) then you could find your website falling down the rankings.

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Create a FREE website with our new Website Builder

Being a web hosting company it's easy to forget that over half of all New Zealand businesses still don't have a web presence. When I say a web presence I don't necessarily mean a website but an online business card / one page listing opening hours and contact details.

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Time is up for .nz domains

As from 1pm today 30th March .nz domains were released to the general public after several months of being restricted if you already owned the .co.nz version. But no more! They are on general release so if you have not secured your .nz version of you're domain your in danger of missing out.

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Why you should have a mobile website

There isn't a sober person around who would argue that the way we use the internet is changing. Just 20 years ago, it was extremely unusual for a business to have a web presence and many businesses just didn't see the point. 10 years ago many businesses started to get on board but most didn't really know what they were doing. Now it's difficult to run a successful business without an online presence.

While we still ask our friends, family and colleagues where the best place is to buy product X, or to go if we want to get Y done, Google is playing a larger role in this now. A Google search can tell you what you need to know in seconds with many options your friends and family wouldn't have known about. Businesses and consumers both use the internet to search for products or suppliers, compare prices and check reviews. Without a website you might as well not exist, or at the very least you will be much harder to find.

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