So you want to set up a website / online presence for your business, you know what the domain name should be now where is the best place to buy that domain?

To answer that question it is probably best to take a step back and just confirm you have the right domain name; there are a few rules you might want to look through.

  • Protect your brand, if you can buy the .com, .co.nz and .nz then do so. This will stop competing businesses buying it. They can easily do this and to get them to hand over the domain name will involve an expensive legal battle.
  • Is your domain name a little too long or difficult to spell? If so people will have trouble typing it into the address bar. If you need to buy a long domain or one that is difficult to spell. Then try the following:
    • If it’s easy to misspell your domain name then buy the misspelling and point it to your domain. Try www.gooogle.com and see where it goes?
    • If your domain name is www.thisisalongdomainname.com then try buying a shortened version like www.domainname.com and point it to your website.

Ok so you’ve decided on a domain name, know where to buy it? Well there a couple of considerations you might want to think about.

Buy your domain name locally – When I say local I mean in New Zealand, this will mean if you have any problems chances are you can call someone, worth checking in this case that there is phone support. Quite a few web-hosting companies don’t offer phone support!

Cost – domain names vary in pricing freeparking.co.nz for instance charge $39 + GST compared to our price of $19.99 + GST that’s a $20 dollar difference for the exactly the same thing.

Access to DNS and A records. Chances are at some point you will need to charge some records on your domain, its not that complicated but can be a pain if you get them wrong. Online access is ideal and quick, if your don’t have online access then expect to have to wait in a phone que which again is a pain!

Support – Need your email pointing to a new service? Want to point your domain name to a new website? Need a new record added? Don’t have a clue about DNS and A records, MX records etc? Then you need good customer support. At Lightning Host will provide exactly that, we will happily make changes for you FREE of charge, beware for some companies this is chargeable!

As mentioned above for a limited time we are offering NZ domains (and .com, .net and .org) for Only $19.99 + GST for 1 year. This is amazingly cheap and your unlikely to find cheaper in New Zealand so:

Register your domain now!