Do eCommerce websites have to be expensive?

New Zealand is quite a unique country in many ways, in relation to business it ranks in the top five countries in the world for small businesses per capita. This doesn’t surprise me as after living here for 10 years working in the industry I have helped many such business start off online with their first website.

It seems to be part of the kiwi dream to own your own house and run your own business. Working for the man is not part of the Kiwi Dream.

Many people start up a business as a part time operation, a second income stream until such time as they can run it full time. Often these people are on a tight budget so the question I get asked often is how much does it cost to set up a eCommerce website?

Without a doubt you can spend quite a lot depending on the functionality your require $5000 - $10,000 + GST is not unusual. But if you just want to simply sell products online then it can be a lot cheaper than that.

  • Firstly rather than get a custom designed website you should use Open Source Software. Most of the Internet is run on Open Source platforms including WordPress and Joomla for example. The eCommerce version of Open Source is called Magento and this shopping cart is completely free to own and change as you see fit.
  • So now we have the engine we need a design, for this I would suggest buying a template; all the hard work has been done for you, you just need to make small changes as required. A company we use for this is www.templatemonster.com; they have a great range of mobile friendly Magento eCommerce designs all below $200 USD
  • Magento has great documentation and for those who learn visually there are plenty of videos online to tell you how to do things.

Installing Magento and setting up the design template does take some prior knowledge and getting someone who knows what they are doing might simplify things for you and cost you a couple of hours. Or alternatively for a limited time you can use our free service! If you purchase a template from Template monster using the link below we will install Magento and the design template FREE of charge! Can’t say fairer than that!

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