Is email worth paying for? Hosted email Versus Cloud Email

This is a bit of a trick title when you think about it - unless you are using a service like Gmail or Hotmail, then you are already paying for your email. Most hosting accounts including all the ones we offer at Lightning Host, allow email accounts to be hosted on the web hosting account. You pay for the web hosting, so you are also paying for your email.

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Buying Domain names just needs to be simple!

So you want to set up a website / online presence for your business, you know what the domain name should be now where is the best place to buy that domain?

To answer that question it is probably best to take a step back and just confirm you have the right domain name; there are a few rules you might want to look through.

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Why your website should have SSL enabled

You have a great looking website, you have spent ages getting the site ranked in Google and trying to figure out exactly how you get any business through Facebook. Then someone asks you why your website doesn’t use SSL, and you think, “Mmm that padlock thing on the web browser do I need that?”

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Do eCommerce websites have to be expensive?

New Zealand is quite a unique country in many ways, in relation to business it ranks in the top five countries in the world for small businesses per capita. This doesn’t surprise me as after living here for 10 years working in the industry I have helped many such business start off online with their first website.

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